4 Steps to a Good Sales and Marketing Plan

Having a good marketing plan determines the way in which you interact with your existing customers and attract new ones. It also helps in determining the types of customers you should be targeting, reaching them and analyzing the results in order to adapt the plan for better business. The following steps will help you come up with a sales and marketing plan which will work well for your business.market share

1. Position the products or services that you offer

In order to start off your strategy, it is important to keep in mind the principles of marketing such as price, product, place and promotion. Your primary objective is to provide the right product or service to the right client, at the correct price and at the right place and time. To get started you will need to have some general information about your business such as the client demographic, the needs of your customers, how different you are from the competition, and marketing tactics that work for your business.

2. Ask for input from trusted advisers

In order to ensure that you get a clear picture about your business, you should get information from those around you. These people will offer their views from a different perspective which goes a long way to help in preparation of a marketing strategy. This way you will have more information about your customers, their needs, the difference between your business and the competition. This kind of input helps you decide on what to prioritize and what strategies to use during the marketing. You should also be able to predict where you should be one year from then. Feedback from others keeps your plan grounded in reality as well.

3. Get feedback from your customers and prospective customers

In order to market successfully to your customers, you are required to know how they view your brand, services, products and pricing. You can ask your clients to offer their opinion about your business, the products and services offered. This can be done easily by the use of postcards, emails and telephone. You can also introduce incentives such as discounts in order to encourage participation. The feedback from the customers is very valuable as it determines the direction that will be taken in the marketing plan and is also a key determining factor of what marketing strategies will be given a higher priority.

4. Make a draft of your marketing plan

With the feedback from the customers and prospective customers and the outline you prepared, you are now ready to draft your marketing plan. You begin by making a summary of your current position in the market compared to your competitors, the goals and objectives you wish to accomplish and the duration within which you should have accomplished this.

A typical marketing plan can be laid out in the manner shown below:

  • Executive market summary which is an overview of the current situation as viewed from various perspectives
  • A summary of the competitive landscape which aims at identifying your current position as compared to your competitors. Here you can also include the marketing strategies that the competition is using in order to be where they are.
  • A comparison of the products or services offered with those of the competition and positioning them relative to each other in order to determine the current ranking in the market.
  • The strategies set out for communication during the marketing process in order to keep everyone involved informed
  • The strategies to be used during the launch process
  • How the marketing plan will be packaged and carried out to fulfillment
  • What metrics will be used to determine success or failure of the marketing plan
  • The laid down schedule for marketing with timelines and the methods that will be used

Once you have the sales and marketing plan ready in place, you now have a road map that can be used to keep your business on the right path. The plan should be regularly reviewed possibly after every six months in order to find out whether you are getting the results that you expected. The plan should also be improved and updated on a regular basis in response to changes in the market dynamics. The adaptations are very important in order to stay ahead of the game in the modern fast-paced world.

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