Elements of a Successful Hotel Marketing Plan

hotel reception deskA hotel marketing plan is your road map to ensuring that all the rooms in your hotel are filled and booked for months in advance. It mainly concentrates on production, promotion, price and place. However, it does not forget about key partnership and customer retention. This should be fine tuned to your locale and the customers who frequent your hotel.

The 6 Elements You Must Address in a Good Hotel Marketing Plan

1. Product

All hotels have the same services that they offer. This is simply bed or lodging and breakfast in the morning.  There are, however, countless ways in which you can stand out from the rest by making your services a bit different from the rest. This is the unique selling proposition of your hotel.  Such services may be comprise of entertainment in the form of internet access and cable television, food such as chocolates, communication and health amenities such as a gym, swimming pool or a spa. It is important to decide if providing unusual services will be good for your customers or whether to stick to the old methods and services. Despite your choice, you should have the information presented in a clear manner with just enough level of detail in order for customers to understand the services provided.

2. Promotion

Promotion is the way in which you get the news about your hotel and the services offered to the people out there so that they are aware and this will go a long way in converting them into customers. The ways in which you will do the promotion will depend entirely on the kind of customers you are looking for. It is important to think in terms of the customer rather than the hotel owner. By asking yourself questions such as how the customers you seek get to know about hotels, you will be in a better position to attract them to your hotel as you will have learned their behaviors. Getting to be covered by the press is also a major advantage though it is hard to come by.

3. Price

Your hotel marketing plan has to show the prices you will be charging in comparison to what the rest of the market charges. The price you choose will determine the profitability of your hotel and also imprints the brand of your hotel into the minds of the customers. The entire point about pricing is to find the balance point between brand establishment and profitability.

4. Place

This refers to the platform that will be used for distributing your products and services to the customers. It also refers to the way in which your customers will complete actions such as booking rooms and making payment. This can be accomplished through the online platform, dedicated staff or travel agents. Each of these venues of service distribution has their own benefits and cost tradeoffs. The provision of services to customers goes hand in hand even inside the hotel and makes use of communication methods such as telephone calls, signs on the doors and room service.

5. Customer Retention

The process of getting a customer to buy a product or a service for the first time is very costly.  As time goes by, however, the cost of keeping a customer coming back for more services is much lower than obtaining a new customer hence the retention strategy. This can be accomplished by making use of loyalty programs and vouchers for loyal customers. The use of software is be implemented in order to record information about the tastes and preferences of each of the customers in order to customize future visits better and make them more enjoyable. This type of software is popularly known as customer relationship software or CRM.

6. Partnership

Last but not least, it is important to determine how you will be working hand in hand with your neighbors around the hotel, the local authority, and other stakeholders in order to build your hotel business. This can provide opportunities to get new guests from local businesses around the hotel and to send guests to local businesses hence establishing a strong eco-system in the local business and also ensuring a more holistic experience for the customers.

In conclusion, a hotel marketing plan is a very important factor for the success of a hotel business ensuring the retention of customers and a stronger brand presence. Having the right kind of marketing plan and executing it well also ensures that you achieve exactly what you need.

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